The Locks / Rapide Croche

Rapide Croche signage_rapidecroche(A French name which has come to mean “Eighth Rapids“) is a permamently sealed lock and acts as a barrier to prevent invasive aquatic species from traveling from the Great Lakes to the Lake Winnebago system.

About the Boat Cleaning & Transfer Station: The Fox River Navigational System Authority plans building a boat lift/transfer and cleaning station at the Rapide Croche lock site which would allow boaters to navigate the entire length of the river after boats are cleaned and inspected. A hot water cleaning process will flush each boat’s propulsion systems, intakes, exhaust ports, and hull to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS).For plan concepts, site details and historic information about this plan, please visit this link. 

General Information

Latitude: 44.31713,
Longitude: -88.19645
Opened Date: 1850

Rebuilt Date: 1931-1939
Construction: Concrete with steel gates

Lock Dimensions

144 feet x 35 feet
Sill Depth - 6 feet
Lift -- 9.4 feet
PLEASE NOTE this lock is closed as a barrier to aquatic invasive species. These dimensions are presented only for historic information.